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Consulting services with a proven track record of delivering results, especially those operating in the most complex environments.

High Reliability Performance

Bridge View will show you how to deliver results with high reliability through the application of operating principles used to great effect in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine program.

Business Change Solutions

Embrace a culture of continuous improvement with sustainable solutions. We develop outlines that provide a simple and effective way of driving change to improve business results.

Leadership Development

Leverage the decades of leadership experience developed in the crucible of operations in nuclear submarines and as an executive in the complexities of a Fortune 150 global biotechnology company.

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Profitability Through Performance Excellence

Improvements in business performance comes through hard earned change which begins and ends with people.

Bridge View Associates was formed to provide a unique approach to solving business problems and improving outcomes with a focus on individual and team performance, process improvement and change management.

Dennis Murphy has successfully led large organizations in the U.S. Navy and at Amgen, a global biotechnology company, where he was responsible for delivering strategic, large scale business transformational change. His experience can help companies exceed expectations in achieving their business goals.

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High Reliablity Performance

Defense In Depth

This is an approach to assuring high reliability operations through the application of three equally rigorous layers of defense: reliable equipment, simple procedures and well trained, proficient staff.

Purposeful Presence of Managers

Managers with responsibility for an operation must spend a significant amount of their time engaging directly with their people and processes.

Just being there is insufficient; managers must show up where the work gets done with a purpose and add value.

Effective Learning Organization

A knowledge-based workforce must have a commitment to learning as a means of driving value.

An effective learning organization solves problems with analytical thinking, learns from its own successes and failures and is willing to change based upon experience.

Human Error Reduction

There are reasons that humans make errors including fatigue, insufficient knowledge, and poor judgment in management to name a few.

Rarely do we find people intentionally making errors. Therefore, it is essential to really understand why human errors are occurring and what system broke down.

Standardized Root Cause Analysis

The reality of business is that unexpected events happen and sometimes they end up having negative consequences.

The key to minimizing – or hopefully eliminating – errors is to gain a deep understanding of the root cause and taking actions to prevent recurrence.

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Business Change Solutions

Problem identification and definition

If you do not clearly know what problem you are trying to solve, then the chance of developing a successful solution is greatly diminished.

Critical Root Cause Analysis

Solving problems in business requires leaders to have a dedication to the truth and a willingness to uncover and act upon it.

Strenuously separate fact from opinion and keep asking why until you are satisfied that you have gone far enough.

Strategic Opportunity Assessment

Before jumping to a solution, open your aperture and assess opportunities to make radical change and/or adopt practices learned through external benchmarking.

Do not be afraid of big ideas or allow entrenched resistance to change to keep your ambition small.

Solution Development

When developing solutions look for opportunities that span across people, processes and systems while considering how they interact with each other.

Bring options to the decision maker which start with the current state and progressively get more transformative in changing the business.

Change implementation, management and sustainment

Develop implementation plans which include how to manage the disruption that inevitably occurs when asking people to change.

Change management is a contact sport and should not be left to chance.

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Leadership Development

Real world principle-based approach

Here a set of 25+ leadership principles initially developed in the Navy and then modified in a corporate environment are used as a backdrop for seminar-based training for individuals or teams of leaders.

Problem Solving Skills

Leaders in High Reliability Organizations (HRO) become very adept at problem solving by fundamentally understanding how to quickly isolate a problem and get to its root cause. And perhaps more importantly, developing solutions that prevent the problem from recurring.

Effective decision making

Nothing focuses the mind more than the urgency of a life-or-death decision that must be made immediately with imperfect information.

That is a situation that the captain of a nuclear submarine faces on a regular basis and those skills translate into effective decision making in a business setting.

360-degree feedback insights

There is no better way to gain first-hand insights on a leader’s strengths and development areas than through talking to superiors, peers and subordinates.

After these conversations, an anonymous synthesis of the feedback gets organized into themes of both strengths and development areas and then discussed directly with the leader seeking the feedback.

Dennis Murphy

Founder, Dennis Murphy, is a former Captain of a nuclear submarine who spent a second career as a senior executive at Amgen, a global biotechnology company.

There he applied the operating principles of the Navy’s nuclear submarines into Amgen’s operations which significantly contributed to a high reliability of supply for patients.

The Navy’s nuclear submarines are a gold standard for safety and reliability in highly complex and unforgiving operating environments.

He has expertise in Operational Excellence and large-scale business transformation change programs, and serves as an expert in the Bain Advisory Network.

Dennis is a leader of integrity with a commitment to excellence. He has led large organizations, knows what makes leaders successful, and understands how best to achieve excellence in business outcomes.

Education: Bachelors of Science from United States Naval Academy, Masters of Science in Engineering Management from Catholic University, UCLA Executive Program from Anderson School of Business and Certified Nuclear Engineer from U.S. Department of Energy.

Career Highlights: U.S. Navy: Commanding Officer of nuclear submarine USS TUCSON (SSN 770), Commander Submarine Squadron 7; Amgen: Vice President roles in Global Engineering, Manufacturing Site Head, Operational Excellence lead, Business Performance in Corporate Results Delivery Office.

Core Competencies: Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement, High Reliability Organizations, Business Transformation, Change Management, Leadership Development and Coaching

Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Your Business.

Bridge View Associates was formed to provide consulting services across a broad range of business performance improvement needs.

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